After launching an extensive rebrand in 2021 Chegg was in need of a system that would allow different departments to publish editorial content to the site. I personally took on this challenge designing a set of responsive components that could be mixed and matched to quickly spin up articles and content hubs.

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The Process

Step 1: Gather Inspiration

I gathered inspiration from dozens of news and blog sites to help define best practices and establish a base list of features. I met with our editorial team, sales team, SEO, investor relations, and engineering to establish a robust set of requirements.

Step 2: Design Vision Pages

I designed a set of vision pages that showed multiple use-cases and options for both the hubs and article pages. These vision pages acted as visual aids when gaining alignment and collecting feedback from stakeholders.

Step 3: Design Components

With the prep work complete and alignment gained I designed a robust set of responsive components. By paying special attention to reusable elements and gathering feedback from our development partners throughout the process the final delivered specs were optimized to lower production effort across development and implementation.

My Work